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Countering " I don't care who does what"

Had taken over a project as manager.

Had a subordinate who was quite dominant.

Part of the role is to manage the interfaces to our team with the business and tech teams.

This lady (Cathy) wanted to do some work with a business team we hadn't worked with yet.

When I said I d like go meet with their manager first.  She said "I don't care who does what I just want to get the work done" and then gave me a lecture on why her work was important and urgent.  Important yes, urgent no.

When I said no then she nagged me about contacting the other manager in front of the team.  Basically tasking me.

I did it to shut her up but I don't think I handled it well as I let a subordinate set my priorities.






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The contract itself proved a suicide run. I was given a different project and boss when I arrived and the boss put on a team lead below me who didn't accept my authority at all and was rude and abrasive and was great mates with Cathy. The project itself was a mess the d been trying to deliver for years.  I quit after 6 weeks and since it was Xmas dropped it from my resume. First contract I d ever pulled the pin on.

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Yeesh.  This was me being dumb and a blocker.  I should have gone to the new area with Cathy and done the intro.  And framed it with Cathy as: "Great sounds like something we should do.  I m come along and do the intro an then you can run."

That would have kept the work moving and removed the point of contention.

I let the fact she was hand in glove with the other difficult person colour my thinking.  Should have gone with chance to collaborate.


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