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Covert social climbing: Tony Robbins example

The master of (covert) self-promotion:

See if you spot all the power moves:

Robbins: A book I recommend anyone read, I read it in 1997, it's not a beautiful read but you need to understand it, it's called the fourth turning. Or you could read the book generations but it's about 700 pages 800 pages, uh you know Bill Clinton gave me that book and that's where I started

The covert social climb is this:

  • But it's about 700-800 pages

The sub-communication is: you (and the listener) aren't going to read such a big book, but I do.

Maybe you don't have the stamina to read it, don't have the consciousness to finish it, or don't have the passion for learning to go get your learning where it's tough.
Whatever it is that it's implied exactly doesn't matter, the main message is still "(at least when it comes to learning) you're somewhat less than I am (so you better listen to me and trust me)".

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Hello Lucio,

I love this topic! There is this one video I had in store and this is just the right thread to post it.

My analysis:

  1. His friend looks like an idiot in the video (or could look like an idiot in the video depending on how you look at it): he's better than him
  2. He displays skills his friend does not have (he's better than him now)
  3. He hid that he was doing his pilot license from his friend (he can do it: higher power)
  4. He filmed his friend unbeknownst to him to post it on the internet (higher power)
  5. He filmed his friend unbeknownst to him as a prank (higher power)
  6. At some point in the video his friend is saying: "We can do anything!" (could not find it again) which is quite collaborative and clashes with the one-up this video feels.

The explanation below the video on YT:

I spent just over 6 months working towards my private pilots license. I kept it a secret from most everyone. Especially this guy. I did a pre flight check on the plane before going to pick up my friend in order create the illusion that I had never flown before once I got in and started it up. The owner of the airport played along too. I wish I got it on video, but he told zach and I that he needed to make a phone call and that I could start the plane up the way he showed me how “one” other time. We get in the plane. I turn on the cameras, which I said were for insurance purposes in case of a malfunction. And proceed with my little prank. One we will never forget. Enjoy! More flight content to come

The tone of "Especially this guy" sounds like a rivalry and someone he wanted to one-up.

It's covert as it seems like the frame could be: "I'm just a cool guy who makes a funny prank on his friend" whereas I read it: "Look how cool I am: I'm a pilot and I prank my friend on top of it.

Of course, at the end we can see the friendship and warmth between the two. So it's not an analysis of their relationship as I don't know it. It's more a power dynamics analysis of pranking your friend and posting it on YT. I might view it too cynically and I'm open to critics of course.

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I see now this might be off topic as the title explicitly cites Tony Robbins.

Let me know if you want me to move my post and create another thread. No intention of hijacking here, but of contributing to the thread.

Yeah, I agree, very disempowering to his friend.

He makes sure to look "cool and in control", and the whole video is for laughing at his friend who is so panicked he can barely talk and sounds like a seal.

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This one is also a good example I think.

The frame is supposed to be: "look how they missed their father/boyfriend, etc. who happens to be a hero".

Whereas I read it as they show the World that they were missed and show an emotional moment that should actually stay private.

As for "heroes", wearing a uniform, working in the military and being abroad for a year does not make someone a hero.

Finally, nobody actually challenges the selfishness of these people who have children, etc. and who leave them a full year without seeing them. What I mean by that is that nobody knows the full story and take it at face value. Some of them look like good people, I don't know them and cannot judge their life choices. However why would you make this special moment public?

It's like "thank you for your service", that is brainwashing. So thank you for your service for the military, but no word for the cleaning lady?

In the past I found it touching. I still do. However, I see the power dynamics side now.

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