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Defending against framing stuff you do in a negative way

There are many situations where people try to frame your activities in a negative manner.

This as I have seen comes from a place where they want to get a reaction from because of their own inferiority complex which they try to mask with arrogance.

How would you handle these situations in a group?


Person - I find your hobby/job uninteresting.

Reply 1 - It's complex for some people

Reply 2 - I find it interesting. To each his own interests.

Reply 3 - some people find "hobby/job framed in a positive manner" Uninteresting.

Reply 4 - what according to you is uninteresting about "hobby/job framed in a positive manner"?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this

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Lucio Buffalmano

All of the are OK.

Which is one is better depending what you wanna go for, like more one-upping back, or more for soaring higher and sub-communicating "you can't touch me with your negativity".

Another option similar to yours, and similar to what Charlie from COC recommends:

I'm glad that you are you, and I am me, so I can do what I find most interesting, and you can do whatever you like

There is some slight punch here.

The "Im glad I am me" sub-communicates you don't want to be like him.
And the "whatever you like" sounds dismissive.

But it's difficult to attack you back, because you're stating simple truths and anyone would agree with.

If you want to add extra punch, you could say "so I can do what makes me grow the most", which sub-communicates that your hobbies provide you real-life results, while his hobbies are a time waste.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?