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Desks for Working While Lying Down

I was thinking about putting this in the posture thread but I have not used this before.

New Horizontal Zero-Gravity Desk Lets You Lie Down on the Job

As quoted from the article,

According to its designers, Altwork will allow users to “focus longer on complex tasks” by eliminating the “discomfort of standard tables and chairs.”

I certainly think this is true.
Because I feel that sitting upright is not a normal position for humans.

I was doing some reading on the web and 90 degrees is not healthy for the back.
It should be a slight tilt backwards.
Here is one article talking about this.

I got inspired to search around for something like this when going to the dentist.
The dentist's office had a screen fixed on the ceiling for a patient to look at when lying back on the dentist's chair.
I thought that would be such a comfortable way of watching movies or even doing some work.

Maybe I will find a showroom where I can actually try this out.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Potentially so awesome!

I do more work laying down on bed, than on the desk.

So yeah, this definitely sounds great.

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Maybe I will get a desk like this to try working while lying down.

I have a shorter version of this desk for working in bed but in the upright position.