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Developing a reputation of a hardworker

Hello everyone,

based on my recent entry in my journal. I realized that despite being a hardworker you can miss on getting a reputation of being a hardworker. Being a hardworker is highly valued. I think it's the situation when it's better to display high effort than low effort at work (better to be effective than higher power).

So I'm thinking about a strategy to obtain/conserve such a reputation.

Here is what I noticed damaged my reputation in this regard:

  • In the Emergency service: not being always the one to actively get the patient, moving normally and not with urgency: I corrected this.
  • Smoking: I unfortunately started smoking again a year ago. So when I go to smoke, even if I only take 3 minutes and go back fast, it makes me look as if I'm taking many breaks
  • Not having patients come to the consult. Even though I'm not responsible for this, just seeing me not consulting gives me a bad image. Even if I'm working on other things during this free time.

My ideas:

  • Actively say that I love to work. Not that I love my work (passion) but that I love to work. I started this.
  • Say actively that I had to stay later because of a difficult case.

As I'm evaluating the effectiveness of these strategise

Some people are good at turning work around amazingly quickly from their boss.  Even if the quality is not great I ve heard management comment favourably on it.