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Diet Hacks

I seem to remember Lucio had a health book as one of the membership extras.   Maybe this could be included as an option if its not there already.

This is what I use to try and get the 5:2 benefits with no starving and mitigate my many totally delicious cheat meals!!  It all comes from papers on sciencedirect or or the NIH.  I don't add anything to the list unless there's 3 papers in refereed journals.  Anything I just believe coz a lot of smart old people do I've said so.  Probably a couple of weeks of my life spent researching - enjoy 🙂

SIRTFoods List:

Green tea, berries, cocoa powder, turmeric, kale, red onions, parsley, arugula/rocket, chilies, espresso, red wine, pecans, escapades, buckwheat, and olive oil, celery, strawberry, walnut, red grapes,garlic, radiccio, medjool dates, capers, salmon, pomegranate

Fruits/Veggies with Anti-cancer properties 

Cancer  Fruit1  Fruit 2  Fruit 3  Fruit 4  Fruit 5       
Cancers of the digestive tract, like colon cancer  Grapefruit  Orange  White Onions  White 


Apples  Pears     
Colorectal  Grapefruit  Orange  White Onions  White 


Apples  Pears  Kiwifruit, Honeydew, Green grapes   
Cancers of the respiratory tract, like lung cancer  Grapefruit  Orange             
Pancreatic cancer  Grapefruit  Orange             
Prostate cancer  Grapefruit  Orange             
Breast cancer  Grapefruit  Orange  White 




Apples  Pears     
Nasopharyngeal cancer, a type of head and neck cancer  Grapefruit  Orange             
Cutaneous melanoma, a type of skin cancer  Grapefruit  Orange             




Health Combo Hacks and Miscellaneous:

Everything red is good for heart - some cyno something. Seriously everything.

3 cm cube ofWatermelon has more lycopene than 3 tomatoes - prostate health

Pomegranate and Red cabbage help protect from fatty liver

Sour cherry, fresh ginger and green spirolina tablets are anti-inflammatory (which helps literally everything)

Add animal gelatin to your coffee - along with HIT and weight training maintains tendons and cartilidge.

Tumeric is amazing - protects telomeres and many other things (but have as pills or licquids combined with piperine (absorption) and ginger (stomach protection)

Aged garlic tablets remove artery plaque.   Grape seed, maritime pine bark pills help circulation.

Pomegranate and 3 x medjool dates are synergistic for heart

Co10 pills plus 2 (and only 2) brazil nuts are synergistic for heart

Any bittter herb or fruit helps protect from kidney and gallstones

Olive oil must be extra virgin, first press and not cooked.  Salad dressing and I've got used to having it on my toast instead of butter.

And of course drink plenty of water - doh!!!  Carry your plantet friendly waterbottle everywhere

Oat bran can be added to any sloppy food including your oats (gives enough beta glucan to get the cholestrol lowering effects) or add benefibre to coffee once a day.

Everything else on this list I got science on except for this one.  Have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water after every meal.  Swish and spit some water after (which is a good idea after every meal anyway to protect your tooth enamel).  What I do have is half a dozen old guys on multiple forums who still play compeititive sports and have money and significantly younger pretty wives.  The kind of guy I listen to.

Idea is you eat from the sirtfoods list and make it more interesting with foods from the other lists plus add the hacks.  E.g. date and walnut porridge with oat bran. Will give you the 5:2 benefits and protect you from most western lifestyle.  Plus you'll be chomping so many veggies you won't have much time/appetite for popcorn chicken and croque monsieurs.   Too late for me but for you young guys.  This should keep you in good shape and hopefully protect you until they beat cancer and can fix most other things with programed stem cells (one decade away max).  You seriously all should make at least 100 probably 90 in good health.

Tennis and soccer are easiest ways to get HIT benefits and ward off early death and dementia.  Only actual vitamin pill I take is D.  Research says high dose vitamins can be cancer forming.  And not that helpful.  E.g. resveratrol in grapes and pistachios good - resveratrol in supplements bad.   If you think about the concentrations we're designed to absorb at one meal pretty obvious why.  I'd suggest you have to eat everything on the list at least twice a week because of those low concentrations ideally 3 times a week.  Not hard if you combine them in salads and hot dishes.  Only exception is the brazil nuts - once a week.  They have so MUCH selenium you can actually overdose.   Of course your mileage may vary but I guarantee unless you have some weird allergy this will give you a wide range of nutrients, more veggies than carbs (so its Keto plus) and not harm you.


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Lucio BuffalmanoKavalier

Thank you for sharing this, Kevin!

I'm now reading "fat loss for ever", which even though I'm not looking for fat loss, is by far the best overview on nutrition I've ever read.

I started it because the guy from the YouTube channel, BioLayne, is my #1 recommendation on anything nutrition.

If you're interested in cutting through the BS, myths, and conmen in the nutrition space, he's the guy and I can highly recommend him.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thanks I'll check that out.


Left one off the hacks list - kefir for gut health - by far easiest most effective probiotic for gut health. The moseley team studied it on show 'trust me I'm a doctor'

Gut health is good for most things including anti-cancer

Here's the anti-stress list. Notice you already have that covered in the other lists 🙂

Foods that lower cortisol/protect from stress

Fish oil

dark chocolate

bananas and pears

black or green tea probiotics in food such as yogurt probiotics in foods containing soluble fiber


"Transitioned! I'm a guy going places I haven't got time to do all that shit.  My crypto's on the bounce, I have to take the lambo out and the grid girls are coming round any second."


So for immediate quick boost I'd say add:

Citrus based smoothie with pomegranite and sour cherry juice added. Then chug a shot of kefir. If I had to pick 3 supplement pills it would be the aged garlic, tumeric and vit D. Cooking I'd add frozen chopped kale/(spinanch if thats too gross) and more fresh ginger.

2 drinks and pills - since no chopping max 15 minutes and some extra weekly shop items. If you can add some brazil nuts once a week that helps too because selenium is rare in foods.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Aiie - last ones I promise.  For the shortcut version I mentioned at end of this post - add some blueberry juice to your smoothie.  Good for eyes and brain.

Old guys should also take AREDS2 pills for eye health but I wouldn't bother until your 40s.


Quote from Transitioned on June 5, 2022, 8:18 am

Left one off the hacks list - kefir for gut health - by far easiest most effective probiotic for gut health. The moseley team studied it on show 'trust me I'm a doctor'

Gut health is good for most things including anti-cancer

Nice one!

For those who don't perfectly digest milk also sauerkrauts are good (often get it in Germany).
And kimchi is also good.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Correction: collagen breaks down under heat.  So instead of gelatin in my coffee I have switched to collagen powder in my smoothie.

Another benefit of the sauerkraut Lucio suggested.  It has vitamin K2 which is very useful in keeping calcium in your bones where it belongs and out of your arteries where it doesn't.  Fermented soybean products are the best source of K2 you can get really tasty versions NATTO is the Japanese one and there's plenty at the Chinese shop



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