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Do you have Black Friday discounts (or any other discount period)?

Will you offer a discount for Black Friday?

Or is there a discount window in any other period of the year?

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I can't commit 100% to an answer for the future but, as of now, I don't think will be any Black Fridays or any other discount window.

One, because I always felt it's somewhat not cool towards those who bought in other periods of the year -and, psychologically speaking especially not for those who bought a few days before the discount days, or a few days later-.

Two, because it takes time to lower the price, hike it up again, and prepare the marketing for the discount.
I'd rather use that time to make the course and website better.

The same applies to discounts in general.

Black Friday is passed at the time of this reply, but I received a couple of questions on Black Fridays discount, and this answer serves as a public answer valid for next years, as well as for any other period of the year when businesses usually offer discounts.

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