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Drill sergeant escalating to boss (you're not doing my drill fast enough!!)

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Quote from Transitioned on March 18, 2021, 9:52 pm

Lucio a couple of questions on your improvements. And it might have changed since you didn't know that the email had gone to all 3 people.

1. The attaching emails for ref was to get it all on the record so Jane could see Princess BC had been positively handling the conflict and it was Sally DS who had cracked it and come crying to the manager. Would that part be better handled by a chat with the manager?

2.  When say to the manager:

"I can imagine you're busy, so for smaller things like this one, please feel free to just stop by and talk and I'll always make time for you"

Since the email has gone to Sally DS too could that  read like your trying to cut her out of the loop?

1. Attachment

The attachment might be read like a political power move to corner Sally DS.
It becomes more formal and less informal. In a way, it's a great power move, but then you'd lose a bit of goodwill from Sally -which you can be OK with- and you come across as a bit less warm, and more high power.

So not necessarily a mistake, but I usually advice to go the more "warm / friendly" route before going the more detached / professional / higher power.

2. Cutting out of loop

Yeah, that's possible.
It's an email to a level above her, to her own boss, right?
So that's almost always a major thing in work environments -or any environments with set hierarchies-.

I don't know the whole history and personalities, but if Sally DS was being quite a poor manager, and a value-taker, that can be a good thing, and work like a wake-up call, as if to say "don't fuck with me, because I know how to maneuver, and you might get hurt".

Unluckily some people need that wake-up call.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I had been going for a little bit of don't f*** with me because  Sally and the manager have been playing games and Princess BCs work persona is friendly, no complaints and helpful..  I see what you mean attaching emails looks like collecting g evidence ..and what comes after evidence - a  trial and as you pointed out the manager might not read them anyway so better  to have a chat with the manager

BTW Sally is not a manager just an experienced teacher.



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