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Eagles flying higher: examples

We talk a lot about "flying here" here referred to eagle behavior.

We talked about the eagle mindset and whether the best default answer is ignoring or responding.

It's not easy though to generalize when one should fly higher and when to "get your hands dirty".

So this thread collects real-life examples of effectively flying higher.

I think it may also help to come up with a higher-level strategy and "list" of when to fly higher and when not to.

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Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson might be the best person to learn from when it comes to flying higher.

Peterson's flying higher is not about ignoring and staying put.
Peterson ignores in order to stick to his frame, to his message, and to stay in his line of reasoning.

  • Ignoring the power move IN ORDER TO stick to the main topic, where he knows his message and dialectic likely prevail
  • Ignoring the "getting under your skin" comments IN ORDER TO pursue his message, rather than defending or one-upping back
  • Ignoring the distractions IN ORDER TO stick to his main thesis

Such as, he ignores in order to prioritize his message.
It might be a small, localized power loss he accepts.
But the public favors him and, in the long run -or just simply over the course of the interview- he looks in control, intelligent, and "superior".
Those who try to attack him look outgunned at a fact and logic level, and like they had to resort to turkey-level crap.

It's extremely effective.
It's, in large part, what made him who he is.

Peterson flies higher than Cathy Newman, destroys her career

As an example, take his famous interview with Cathy Newman.

Newman came up with a host of false accusations, allegations, misrepresentations, and plain silliness that would have derailed 99.9% of people into a turkey-level flight -including her comment "are you saying that should organize our society along that of the lobsters"-.

But Peterson remains steadfast in fostering his message, his frame, without getting dragged to turkey-level.

Peterson shamed Newman out of a career.
Few people who saw that interview can look at Newman and not see a dumb turkey.

Why getting dragged down would lose

Had I been in his shoes, I'd have laughed at Newman's nonsense, or explicitly stated she was "making no sense".

And most people, would have agreed.

But one, that would have robbed me of my time to express my own message.
And two, I'd have failed to remain higher.

And, especially in debates, people follow and support the eagle more than they support a turkey, even if it was a winning turkey.

That's why Jordan Peterson is at another other level than, say, Ben Shapiro.
Ben Shapiro beats the turkeys... But he's a turkey himself, he doesn't fly higher.

Peterson flies higher than BBC power-mover

Another great example:

Peterson makes an impassionate speech against the concept of "systematic racism" and how it dangerously and stupidly pits groups together.
He says we should look at individuals, a sensible approach even if you see it differently, and something this website largely supports.

Now look at her answer:

Her: maybe less do less of hands movements (mimicks Peterson's hand gestures) and let's stick to...
(a power move, and a power move that can easily get under people's skin)
Peterson: (serious but in a somewhat dismissive tone) I did it once, so yes, we'll try to control it in the future
(he remains focused on the conversation and keeps on dropping gold)

You just need to look at the comments below the video to see who won.
Or, overall, just look at the ratings of a show like that, at JP's own following,

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