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Email Marketing Discussions

I'm very much interested in the subject of email marketing myself for learning-wise and money-wise.

As such, I want to use this website's email newsletters to discuss the best ways to resonate with the audience.

1) This Website's Emails Describe the Developments in Power Dynamics

I have noticed that ThePowerMoves email newsletters tend to describe the recent developments in the domain of power dynamics.

The email above talks about the concepts of power dynamics, what science says and other general principles.
It seems like a new update on the content of the website.

This email talks about the new concepts in the fundamentals of power dynamics like the power traffic light.

This email describes how the recent book review of "The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem" fits in well with the website's framework and approach to self-development.

And also how it diverges.

I don't have the data or feedback from users.
But I think these emails may resonate more with the active users on this website.

Individuals who are unfamiliar with the style and analysis approach may have trouble understanding the emails.
They may put this off to later and end up not clicking the links.

I was thinking a story approach may help with this.

2) Get the User to Walk through a Relatable Story

Have you ever been in this situation?

You glance down at your watch on your wrist.
Your heart pounds.
You think "she's going to be here any minute now".

2 days ago, you talked with her about music & travels.
It stayed in your mind.
You look forward to more.

7:05pm, she's still not here.
No text.
You think "no worries, maybe she's caught in the traffic jam"

7:15pm, you're still sitting there wondering where she is.
You pick up the phone & call. No answer.

7:20pm, she walks through the restaurant door.
She sits down like nothing happened.
"Hey! Shall we order?"

After some lacklustre conversation, you paid the bill.
She didn't even offer to chip in for the tip.

You wonder what went wrong.

If you want to know how to deal with people who make you wait, this article outlines everything you need to know.

On our website, we teach you how to get people to treat you fairly and how to deal with them if they don't.

Become an eagle.


Maybe stories in the first few emails could help to set the ground for the conceptual emails later.

Stories could help individuals resonate with new concepts too.

It would be interesting if we could segment the lists by gender too.
Then, we could tailor stories that resonate with men or women.

A confirmation, sign-up email that says

We tailor our email newsletters according to your gender.
Putting political correctness aside, your gender does affect how you navigate the social world.

Click here if you are a man.
Click here if you are a woman.

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Lucio BuffalmanoAli Scarlett

This is awesome stuff, Matthew, thanks!

I'm taking some more time to process it.

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