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Engaging with child role

From this article:
"- Learn to see the child in others
As you learn to approach life with your adult first, learn to see the child in others. Do not engage people who comes at you with their child first."

What does it mean to not engage with their child role? Does that mean to not take up the parent role and judge/give emotional approval?

Hello Rach!

That was more like a way of saying "build networks and relationships with people who can engage you and others as adults".

It's ok to be the parent or the judge in a few relationships. And in some situations that's exactly what you should go for.

But you probably want more adults around you, as they are generally better at helping you move forward.

P.s.: that was me not logged in.


Hi Lucio, thank you for expanding on the reasoning behind it. These concepts are new to me and really resonate!