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Evening habits

Hello guys,

what are your evening habits? It's been a long time that I'm looking for better evening habits without much success YET.

In the morning: I wake up early (3.5 - 4 hours before work) and my 4 key habits are: studying medicine, studying Power University and working out.

In the evening: I am quite tired and I usually waste 1-3 hours on the Internet watching stupid stuff on youtube or watching porn.

Do you have any positive evening habits that worked for you ?

I don't really feel like learning or thinking in the evening. I'm thinking of going straight to bed or meditating.

I have downloaded the DARE app. It s about healing anxiety. They send you one mp3 audio each day with a mental exercise for the day + some minutes of visual meditation. It is 15 minutes per day. It is working for me. Moreover you can listen to a audios according to what you want to improve (insomnia, worry,...) . I suggest you read the DARE book too. Both the app and the book are very good for i) expanding your comfort zone ii)accept your "negative" feelings instead of suppressing them iii) use your "negative" feelings for your own benefit.

For example you can learn through DARE to accept even benefit from the anxiety that your subordinate nurses cause you. When you become less afraid by the anxious sensations/ thoughts that the nurses trigger to you, you will be freer to test new strategies that you are afraid to follow now. Maybe you even wont care about their behaviour, and this will radiate to others,too. It takes its own time to heal from anxiety, though.


Hello Incognito,

thank you for your answer. I'm afraid there is a small misunderstanding here: it has nothing to do with the nurses in this case. I don't feel anxiety towards the nurses BTW. Clarification: my question is about positive habits to practice in the evening when you are tired from work.

This DARE app is interesting to me.

Maybe not exactly that app, but having one app to help you structure the evening, could be helpful.
Or guided meditation, something I always wanted to kinda try, but never did so far.

My evenings tend to be relatively structured, albeit without reminders, alarms, or blocks of time.
When I'm home, more or less, they go like this:

  • Seek to close laptop no later than 12:30

Then, one or a combination of the following:

  • Posture exercises
  • Exercises (pull-ups on the floor or push-ups alternating with cobra-poses)
  • Listening to audiobooks while exercising
  • Meditating for 10 to 15 minutes (maybe 2-3 times a week)
  • Reading once in bed

But also something chiller, like:

  • Light stretching
  • Listening to some music
  • Laying on bed and checking dating apps
  • Replying / writing to someone on the phone
  • Checking some older convo for lessons learned and patterns

My days, especially when I'm going full out with work, can be very intense, so I see nothing wrong in taking time off with lighter or restoring activities (including masturbation).

YouTube videos can add value and increase personal effectiveness

Also, when it comes to YouTube, I don't think that many of those videos are fully time-waste.

Yes, there are some time-wasting videos, like funny cats.

And yes, if one consumes passively, like most people do, then everything is pretty much time waste.

But other "fun shows" can be very good opportunities for increasing one's own emotional and social intelligence, as well power dynamics awareness and effectiveness.

Take light shows such as "dating in the dark", or "weird uber drivers encounters", or Trump fighting it out with the press. If you stop consuming them passively or ony for a laugh's sake and instead start watching them looking for nonverbals, power dynamics, effective/ineffective strategies, or what you would do in the same situation, they can all be extremely instructive videos.

They expose you to social situations that you wouldn't normally see too often in life. But if they happen, your brain is not wholly unprepared.

That's the good thing of learning social skills and power dynamics: contrary to, say, learning a new language, this is knowledge that is constantly updated, refreshed, and increased.
Once you internalize the basics and learn to analyze social situations, then that knowledge stays and grows, because it's all around you.


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Thanks for your answer. I found my solution: I'm going to play the bass again, so I can learn in a non-analytical way AND relax.

That's awesome, John.

And it sounds like you already got a great topic to both sound more lover type, and to seed the pull.

"I'll show you my recording room / how to play Smoke on The Water".


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