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Exception to Social exchange theory: girls on forum

I'm not sure about other cultures, but in my culture there is an invisible phenomenon called "Pretty Privilege".

This pretty privilege is extended specifically to girls.

If you're a girl in my culture, you can get anything you ask. The more you ask the more you'll get.

This reminds me of a funny phenomenon back in college.

Back in college we had a Facebook group for the entire college students where people could get reviews of courses and faculties.

Recalling back the interactions in the group,

Every one would only ask, and ask with no attempts to even create any perceived value.

Query Posts from guys would mostly go unanswered.

Posts from girls would get engagements immediately. Ie. You could get your answer in an hour or two


It would happen so that, guys would ask their female friends to post on behalf of them.

In extreme cases, some guys would open fake accounts just to post there. Crazy part is, the account just had to have a feminine name, and any random profile picture starting from a rose to a cartoon angel would suffice.

Fake profiles with feminine names would receive same number of engagements as real female profiles, Even if the accompanying profile picture was a Random picture.

It's funny how a feminine name can be a value proposition




Hi. I don't know how to attach images here.

I went back to the group to take screenshots of unintelligent requests and fake profiles.

So I could share them here.

Would be grateful if anyone could guide me

Hey AR,

I'm not sure this is an exception: reproductive-age women have higher average value than men, and especially so during high school / college years.

For pictures, see here, and feel free to experiment there.

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