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You got my attention
Get in line, there's to many programes for them

So I'm very new to this whole thing. But as soon as I saw the principals and philosophy you are trying to spread, I was invested. Lucio, I don't have a degree, in anything. And honestly I'm proud of it. Because I decided to join the Marine Corps instead of going college. I knew school wasn't how I learned. At least taught traditionally. So I chose to master my mind. And I'm extremely confident in saying that I have.

So why do I think this might be of value to you? I've started making a mad dash for my own financial freedom and success because getting out of the Marines and coming back to normal life, to be part of a system where getting by is okay, I became extremely unhappy with even waking up in the morning. So lately I've decided to challenge things as I thought I knew them and investigate myself. The same principal I feel you use. Keeping that in mind, I know the mind set of " limitlessness". This was taught to me while I was in the service.

My purpose.  I want to keep making a difference in my life and other peoples lives the way that I felt I did when in the Marines. How am I going to? Honestly no idea. BUT. I do know that there is a huge population of veterans that felt the same way I did whether they want to believe it or not. And all they need is for someone to tell them they can. Just using the mind set that they already have. I'd like to challenge the idea of having your platform be a source of good and momentous change for people like myself.

Shoot me down, tell me I cant do it. I just wanted to post it here in hopes that maybe there is someone out there who will stumble upon this and help me on my quest to change peoples lives by changing their minds. If you've made it this far, thank you for the time you've given to reading it. And I look forward to any type of insight that might be shared. GOD BLESS


Sounds like you got a lot of determination there. Good to see. You're right, there are many sources of strength and many paths to success. Sounds like you're waiting for approval though. Why? Don't let us know if you want to do it. If you know that this is your purpose, your mission in life, don't let anyone stop you. You're brave, going through the Marines proves that.

It sounds like you want to take a leadership/encouraging/positive judge role with your fellow veterans. There are plenty of things in the Social Power course that deal with that, and plenty of things in the Ultimate Power book that deal with mental strength like you said. Build up your personal power, than reach out to your veterans from a position of strength, and expand from there. Who knows? You might make a change in the world. Good luck to you!

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Lucio BuffalmanoKevin Quinn

Hey Kevin,

A few notes from my side:

  • University and having/not having a degree

University means little in terms of actual learning -if I'd put a number on it, I'd probably say that in terms of skills and knowledge that matter, uni courses accounted for less than 0.1%). And there is nothing in uni classes that you can't learn by yourself.

What's most useful for is the socialization.
Those who skip it might miss those early dynamics of girls/men dating and parties, and an opportunity to learn from that environment from a socialization point of view.
On the other hand, you gained the military experience and a chance to toughen yourself up, which is something that the majority of grads never really do.

Some academics might look down at those who didn't go to uni, but on the other hand it will help you bond and connect with those who also went straight to work -or straight into the military-.
Plus, you can also be an example for them.

So, yeah, as for most things, unless you make it into an issue, it's non-issue.

  • Your idea/field

What a coincidence, just last month I met a former US marine who also deployed Iraq. And the experience he shared made me realize it can be a difficult transition for many.

So, yeah, there might be demand and an untapped market.

  • Start sharing your idea, seek a possible partner

What I'd probably do is to come up with a 2-3 ideas you'd like to discuss, and then go out to entrepreneurs Meetups and veterans and talk about it.
Post up some ads looking for cofounders, too.

Ideally, you will find someone to partner up.
Twice as good, if they got some entrepreneurial experience.
Worst-case scenario if you don't find anyone, you will still get to triangulate ideas and get some feedback, which will help you refine your ideas. And that's also great.


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