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Feed-back on my career

Hello guys,

I would like to ask you some feed-back on my career in pediatrics as I'm at a turning point. Basically it boils down to doing a hospital career or not and my next rotation.

I realized that a career at the hospital is all-consuming. So I'm considering doing general pediatrics at the office (private practice). However, it is less exciting but it will be my patients and I will be able to do follow-ups and see them grow.

In our programme, I have 6 months left and then I'm done with pediatric training. Some rare people could do additional rotations, but most could not.

Here comes my interrogation, I have two opportunities for the last rotation (all in pediatrics), i can ask but I'm not guaranteed I will get it.

Intensive care: it's a demanded specialty, as it is very demanding and complex. The team is great and there is a lot of teaching. However, the schedule is not so good with nights and week-ends. However, it is a cornerstone in one's training. There are the people who have done intensive care and the others. However, I think I failed my exam so doing intensive care will make even more challenging to train for my exam.

Dermatology: this is more adequate for office pediatrics as it is kind of the bread-and-butter. Many children have skin problem, either short or long-term. We have poor training in dermatology so having these skills will separate me from my colleagues who don't possess these skills. The head physician in pediatrics dermatology proposed me today to do a 3 months rotation. It would have to be approved by the heads of the department. However, it's a new opportunity that just arrived today. It's also more chill schedule so it would be easier for me to prepare the next exam in case I failed.

So basically I'm at the point where I have to make my desire not to do academic medicine (too much pain, too little reward) known to the programme manager. However, there is a stigma with doing office pediatrics and I'm not sure yet this is what I want to do.

If I take the opportunity of intensive care I might do dermatology in the future maybe. But if I do dermatology, I will be branded "office pediatrician" and this will not be an opportunity for me anymore.

My goal now is to have a balanced life. I'm conflicted as intensive care I would learn a lot.

What I will do is to make sure it's only 3 months dermatology. Therefore, I will have to find something else to do after the 3 months since I have 6 monts left.

These kind of choices have always been challenging for me.

I'll have in a month the interview with the program manager and I will have to make my intentions known.

Action steps:

  1. Make sure that the dermatology rotation is 3 months
  2. Find something else I could do during these 3 months. I could study for the exam or do 50% rotation somewhere.

If I don't do intensive care, it will be mostly about the learning opportunity and partly because of ego. However, I'm not sure I will get it since there are few spots. I'm not sure I would get dermatology, but since the Prof. proposed me today, it seems like I have a good chance.

Do you guys have any feed-back for me?

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Edit: the advantage of office pediatrics is that I will be able to do my own schedule in the long run whereas at the hospital it's not possible. One can ask for part-time (80%) but it's difficult to find and takes a long time to reach. So it's not a given. However, when I'll make my interest known I will not be "sexy" anymore for the hospital leadership.

So my value for freedom is better fulfilled with office pediatrics. As many people here, I value my freedom a lot. One can not have everything. And I think freedom is a desirable goal.

I asked the head physician in pediatric dermatology. I will have to ask the big boss (the one I repaired my relationship with) because it's a brand new rotation. It will be 3 months dermatology and 3 months something else. She told me I'll have to ask him exactly what it is. She's open to me being there for 6 months though. I'm meeting him in a month about the project so I'll ask him at this point.

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Hey John,

It sounds to me like deep down you already have the answer.

And it seems to be dermatology, which to me also seems to make the most sense.

That you won't be as sexy to the leadership matters little to nothing.
It's of course good to be "sexy" at work, but especially if you know you'll leave eventually... Then it's just a small pond.

If you still have one month to think it over, you can also postpone the decision.
In my experience, if one can extend the decision over time, he'll eventually settle on what he truly prefers.

Last but not least, it's worth exploring the possibility of having both.
Dermatology is 3 months, so why not trying to do 3 months in intensive care? Frame it as you being interested in dermatology, but also being willing to offer your work for the challenging department -which is better than asking for a place-.
Might not work and not be possible, but might be worth trying.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Thank you very much, Lucio, it is very helpful!

I'll write a post about it.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Hi John, since your posts mentioned medical school, projects, and papers, may I ask if you are doing medical research trying to establish connection with seniors?

Hello MMC,

I almost did it and changed my mind. I don't want to be trapped in the academic rat race. What is your current situation?

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Quote from John Freeman on June 22, 2022, 6:33 am

Hello MMC,

I almost did it and changed my mind. I don't want to be trapped in the academic rat race. What is your current situation?

Hi John, I am currently in a research institute doing finance and data-science research, somewhere between the academia and the industry. So yeah, I am partially in the academic rat race.

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