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Feedback question: do popus bother you?

Some time ago I activated a newsletter feature of receiving email replies.

They go to MailChimp, not to my inbox, so it's not unmanageable or annoying.

I forgot to deactivate it and yesterday I found out by accident there were several replies.
Turns out, some people reply to newsletters and automation -even though the email is "no-reply"-.

And there is some potentially good feedback in there.
This one for example:

I love your content but your popup subscribe box is killing me

I realized some time ago that some popups had indeed a much higher conversion rate.
And then I realize why: the "x" was white and, on mobile, ended up on white background, making it invisible.

I haven't fixed the issue yet -and part of is because I enjoy higher conversion rates-.

However, I gotta wonder: is it really that annoying?

Do readers really can't close it on mobile?

If you've had any experience with it let me know.

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I've had similar experiences when I'm reading on my phone and then a popup covered everything without an X button. After reading this though I realized that the X button is still there and you can press it, you just don't see it because of the white background but if you know it's there it's not an issue. However for new readers I think it would help a lot to make the X button visible on the phone.

As for if it's annoying or not I personally find it distracting when I'm focusing on a post and suddenly a popup shows up on the screen. At the same time, I remember that the first time I saw the popup for a free preview on this website I put down my email and eventually joined PU, which I'm very happy about 🙂 As long as it's not several popups coming one after another the annoyance factor is, at least for me, fairly low.

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Lucio BuffalmanoAli Scarlett

I had no idea there was an "X" button at all, thanks for the heads up, Mats.

On mobile (for me), the pop-up covers the entire page:

The top of the lead magnet shows no clear "X" and there doesn't seem to be one when you scroll down to the bottom.

So, once the pop-up arrives, you're forced to either subscribe or leave because there's no clear way to close it (yet).

The higher conversion rate sounds awesome, I'm wondering now if it could turn off people who are already subscribed and are still struggling with the pop-up.

To be clear, I'm not against the pop-up covering the entire page. As a matter a fact, Kolenda and I use a similar pop-up because it's good from a marketing psychology perspective:

Kolenda: "Give ONLY the information that is necessary to bring people to the [immediate] next step."

If you have a lead magnet that doesn't cover the entire page and shows the page behind it, prospects can imagine going to that other page (which could influence them to move away from the main lead magnet where they can subscribe, which isn't good).

But, the difference is that people should still be able to click the pop-up to close it, so they have the option to exit.

There doesn't seem to be a clear exit for the current lead magnet yet which makes it more annoying because it takes away their freedom to leave while covering what they were reading (which deprives them of your awesome content :).

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Lucio BuffalmanoMats G

Thank you guys!

Much much appreciated, I guess it is annoying then, will make the "x" more visible soon.

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Mats G
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Was going to this soon.

But then stumbled upon yet more of the same feedback on a Reddit thread with one of this website's articles:

I realized it was a priority, so now all popus have a visible "X" close button.

Thanks again guys!

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I'm experimenting now with the "X" on the second pane on mobile:

The idea is to avoid people click on "X" as a knee-jerk reaction, without even giving a chance to the message.

If you have any feedback, happy to read.

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