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Users Profiling: Posting professions and/or where you work

Should forum members say where they work and/or what they do?

I believe I saw something that said that some of the people on this forum work for top tier investment banks and law firms in world-class cities.

To what degree if at all is it appropriate to discuss the specific places where form members are employed or, if they are self-employed, to discuss what they do?

Will that information help me master the Power Moves? No.  And therefore an argument can be made that it's not necessary.
But, having said that, I do think that it would add some interesting context.  I'd like to hear what Lucio and the other members think about this.


Hi Ed,

If there was one more option, such as "up to them", I'd have voted for that.

The vast majority of those who sign up to Power University and/or to the articles subscription don't write in the forums. But there are a few members here who have been very open about themselves and what they do, and you have probably already seen that.

I agree with you: knowing the users might not help you master power dynamics. But I do believe that profiling the users of can still be useful information: who is most interested in a learning and training material on power and life strategies?

Wherever they come from, there is one thing that all share together: the mast majority of them are driven. They are willing to work, learn and try new things, advance in life, and improve their effectiveness to get things done with people and through people.

Without mentioning any specific company, I think it's fair of me to give a general idea.
Most people register with their private email, or through a social media login.
But a minority either registers with their work email (hopefully without the intention of sharing the login with the colleagues :), or later contacted me through their work email -by mistake or by willful choice, I don't know that-.

Who Is Learning Power Dynamics

Of that minority who registered with work emails, I would say this is the split:

  1. Venture capital firms
  2. University emails
  3. Law firms
  4. Investment banking (including at least one Wall Street big name I remember of)
  5. Other websites and businesses with some overlapping audience

Keep in mind this is just off the top of my head, I haven't actually counted or kept track. But it seemed to me like VC firms were some of the most popular.

Why More VCs?

Why more VCs than investment banks or law firms, if the last two probably employ far more people?

In my opinion, that's exactly why.
VC firms are smaller, a higher percentage of people working in them are partners, and there is more of a "buccaneering spirit" in many of them.
So people are not too worried about how they use their work emails.
I'd also imagine VCs as being less politicized than banks, so you could get people openly talking about what they're learning. "Hey, I found this great course on power dynamics, I think it can help us better assess the character of the founders".

Bigger banks instead tend to be more structured and informal, and have stricter internal controls, including deeper record-keeping. Those who work there know that, and are far more careful about how they use their work emails.

As for lawyers, you don't need to teach a lawyer than any record you leave at work might be used against you in the future. Plus, they naturally tend to think of worst-case scenarios, covering their assess, and evidence. So they're far less likely to use work emails.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I revealed information aboyt my occupation, because I do not reveal my real name, obviously. I am currently vice commander in a Fire department of a town in Greece. The painful experiences that I passed through at the beginning of my career, when I was young manager (but  not leader) of a 10-person group of firefighters , made me  search and find

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