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Frame control: Charisma on Command

Hello guys,

here is Charisma on Command's take on Frame Control. It's quite good.

Zen Mauri has reacted to this post.
Zen Mauri

This idea was awesome at 9:00 "Whoever controls the options has the power", got a bigger picture about frame control now 🙂

Thanks for sharing this John Freeman!

I got flashback from when I had to make a big decision and the sales guy presented for me - that I only had two options, the first way was doing as he says (as a option), the second way - I mentioned as an suggestion, was a potential lost (according to him). So I told him a third way as an option of whats possible. I was so suprisingly convinced, that his frame broke and he had a big toothy smile as "wow". Then he tried to frame it as being overly optimistic, but I keept smiling back as he knew and I knew that was an good idea haha. I think he underestimated me though, so he wasnt able to re-calibrated with his persuasiveness as he was able to in the beginning when he made me laugh etc. 🙂



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