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Game playing woman: example

Covert power moves anyone:


Not replying to a good night message is not necessarily a red flag -albeit it's certainly a sign of general low-investment-.

Apologizing is also not necessarily and always a red-flag power move.

Or not a premeditated one, at least.

But when that "I was busy" is bandied left and right, it starts getting fishy.

And it's all more telling when coupled with the in-person behavior.

Namely, this lady:

  • Arrives late on the date, BUT
  • Texts she was going to be on time (just to make sure the man waits for her)
  • When I went for a walk instead of waiting, she doesn't text "where are you", which implies she's waiting, but instead writes "going to the bathroom" (to make me arrive before her)
  • When I call her and tell her to come to the main entrance, she says I must go upstairs
  • When I insist for the main entrance because I'm not going to walk around looking for her, she insists to meet upstairs, "because we need to go up anyway"

And many more.
Including smaller things that you pick up when you increase your power intelligence and get better at reading people.

Overall, when you see these many signs, you can hardly go wrong: a nasty power player.

And a real pity.

An intelligent woman, pretty, worldly... But I don't think I want to see her again.
Her over-gaming destroys everything.

A perfect example that over-Machiavellianism isn't even Machiavellian: it's just self-defeating and ineffective.

Or, to be more precise, not the most effective option.

Some men will chase after her and she will get the power she craves.
And some people observing her will even think "wow, she's really good at dating and getting men to chase".

But the real question most fail to look at is: who is going to chase her?

With her over-gaming and nasty power moves, she is condemning herself to lower quality men than she could otherwise be with.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

I'm not interacting with this woman directly.
But I already find her very annoying indeed.

I get especially annoyed when people want to meet up but play the "I'm busy" power move at the same time.
Statements like what you quoted:

Sorry I had to do something, can we meet today?

I have not noticed this power move before:

  • When I went for a walk instead of waiting, she doesn't text "where are you", which implies she's waiting, but instead writes "going to the bathroom" (to make me arrive before her)

Sounds like a form of power scalping.

No second date for her :).