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Goals 2021

Hello guys,

here is a thread for us to share our goals for 2021. I use OKR (Objective and key results) system goal.Here were my goals for 2020, I'll reflect on them:

1. I master the most frequent pediatric diseases

  • Status: failed.
  • Reason: My goal was to master theoretically the most frequent pediatric diseases. To do that, I had the key results to read everyday and on sunday. But at work in the past 2 months, all my energy goes into surviving at work with writing the discharge letters. This takes most of my time and does not leave me enough time to study.
  • Lesson learned: This discharge letter thing is a tough cookie to crack. Because it's expected in my job and takes so much time. So I will have to still study in the morning at home no matter what happens at work. And at work focus on the discharge letters.

2. I have 10% of body fat and an excellent posture

  • Status: failed
  • Reason: with Covid, I did not workout most of the year so there was no chance I could reach this goal. Also, a goal of 10% body fat was too far out in these conditions.
    Lesson learned: to reach this goal, I need to be able to go to the gym often. Also maybe I need this goal to be a system (work out 3 times a week) rather than a goal (10% body fat).

3. I have a sleep of excellent quality and in enough quantity.

  • Status: failed
  • Reason: I wrote "failed" because in OKR, every key result is supposed do be binary: achieved or failed. Here I'm using this on an objective. So it's not really failed, see below.
  • Lesson learned: this is a life-long change as I was raised with poor sleep habits. So this is a big challenge for me. I made real progress. I'm still tracking my hours of sleep and I'm going to achieve my goals. I just have to keep at it.

4. I have 5 close friends of excellent quality

  • Status: failed
  • Reason: This was too ambitious of a goal. I made 1 close friend and that is enough. I made 7 new friends this year that I can propose to do stuff so big progress overall. Also, it confirmed me that between my busy professional life and the city I'm in, social life is not only a challenge for me but for many people.
  • Lesson learned: It takes time to see the quality of the people. It also takes time to deepen a friendship.

5. I "sanitize" and master my finances

  • Status: achieved
  • Reason: Once again, I'm not checking my key results in this post. But I paid off 1 debt, I'm wasting less money on coffee (buying capsules instead of "to-go") and I'm on my way to paying off other debts. That's an important goal as I was not raised to be money-aware.
  • Lesson learned: debts are monsters. Once I reimbursed my debts, I will never do one again. It's mentally draining. It really takes away your freedom in a real way: you cannot spend the money you give back and you have a moral obligation towards your creditor: to avoid at all cost. Debts are VERY disempowering.

6. I choose the country where I do an internship in 2022

  • Status: achieved
  • Reason: I kept my mind on the issue and met doctors who went abroad. They gave me the needed intel to know where to go.
  • Lesson learned: I have now Montreal, Canada in my sights. They respect people and the focus is on learning instead of paperwork. They told me that 1 year over there is the same as 2 years at the current hospital where I live. I also generated a 2nd option: Australia. One of the executive told me that over there he was doing 5 times the number of procedures he's doing in our hospital. So going abroad allows to compress time. You learn faster because there are much more cases. That is why countries such as Denmark, Netherlands, Norway are still in my sights. I think there model of society is the modern model for most individuals in a society. However, there are not enough cases to learn next-level skills. I decided to be a great pediatrician and I learned that skills is what gives you everything else. So I need to focus on skill acquisition. The only reason I would now go in nordic country is for the women. Currently, it's english-speaking countries who will help me to move forward in my career. Also I have now two ways: northern Europe for lifestyle or english-speaking countries for career. I can choose either way at any point in time now.

So I actually achieved 2 goals out of 5, which is not too bad I think. I'm happy to see that I have the balls to see where I'm at currently. I encourage you to do the same exercise, here or somewhere else as it builds accountability to yourself. I'll tell you right away: I hate this exercise to look at where I'm at because I think it does not move forward fast enough.

Regarding OKRS: I did not set too many goals, 6 is ok. However, I think I made too many key results. Also, I did not track my key results enough. I will do it next time. What I learned this year about OKR is that what matters is : Objectives x (times) Key results = number of goals.

If you have 3 Obectives:

  1. Be healthier
  2. Blabla
  3. Blabla

But 5 key results for each:

  1. a) eat green food
  2. b) drink water
  3. c) eat less fat

You actually have 15 goals and that's too much for our minds for a year I think. It's too spread out.

I also learned that some goals need 2 years to be achieved. So I'll make more achievable goals in a year.

I'll write my goals for 2021 later.

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