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Greta Thumberg assertively shares the spotlight

Journalist: (asks Greta a question)
: (...) and... Anyone else wants to answer that question? I can't speak on behalf of everyone
Moderator: anyone else wants to answer
Group: (silence. Obviously everyone knows Greta is what everyone's interested in and they recognize her as the sole leader and speaker)
Journalist: what would you say to Donald Trump
Greta: (probably annoyed that her spotlight and the journalist's search for a scoop was diminishing the other people in the panel) I think maybe you should give some questions to the others as well?

I was just telling myself "last Greta's video, I don't want to hear anymore of this garbage" and then... Then I was wowed by this.

Truly eagle behavior.

Greta might be a misled, uninformed catastrophist, but you don't become the leader of a movement without some power skills and high-power attitudes.

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