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Hello - dipping into the forum

Hi all,

I'm an early-stage entrepreneur. I'm technically-minded and also have an interest in social sciences / understanding people, which may be part of why I chose this career. However, the more experience I racked up, the more I got the sense that I must be missing some practical pieces of the puzzle. One piece I was unhappy about was my apparent weakness in understanding and navigating power dynamics in real-time (as opposed to more considered situations, such as negotiations).

During the pandemic I went through both professional and personal crises that helped me realize, among other things, how much attachment disturbances had framed my worldview and undermined me. So correcting this and working towards secure attachment has been my main focus for the last six months. I'd actually purchased PU a few months ago as well but put it aside. Now seems like the right time to pick it back up.

Shoutouts to @aliscarlett for encouraging me to post here! The Clever Connector is concise and boasts a high power-to-weight ratio 🙂

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Hi surjet,

Welcome to the forum!
Hope your business is doing well!

I am also working on my own pieces to the puzzle.
I think that it's a very interesting journey.

There's a lot of power dynamics in entrepreneurship too.
Especially with cofounders and further down the line with investors.

I think the power-aware, high-quality individuals on this forum have greatly assisted me through some of my personal/business crises.
I recalled posting a very sensitive, important situation on the forum when I just joined.
Lucio helped me understand how to navigate the dynamics. Thank you Lucio :).

With too many other situations, I have to thank Ali, Anon, Lucio, John, Kellvo, selffriend, Stef, Transitioned, for helping me out with their insights. (in no particular order of course 🙂

Thanks to @aliscarlett for bringing another individual to the forum!

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Serena Irina

Cheers surject, welcome here!

Yes, a good grasp of power dynamics is very helpful in entrepreneurship -at an interpersonal level, of course, and generally with leverage in contracts and control as well-.

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Serena Irina
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Hi surject, great to see you in the forum!

BTW, you mentioned you send a lot of cold emails to network for your business.

You might like this thread, the information in it often leverages power dynamics to increase the persuasiveness of one's messages: What's in it for them guys, WIIFT, never forget it!


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