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hello everyone !

I literally am 18 and i spent all my savings here lol , because i feel it is one of the best thing  I  would buy , coming from family who do not have dad and who is from India it was tough . I wanted the new seduction course too but i cannot buy it now lol . anyways lucio i heard there is forum for people who pay , would i get the access to that also?


Hey prince,

Welcome here!

Quote from prince7026 on October 31, 2020, 5:36 pm

anyways lucio i heard there is forum for people who pay , would i get the access to that also?

You just literally wrote on that forum for members only :).

So I will be moving it now to the introduction sub-section.
The forum for members only is for Power University topics and question, or for topics that absolutely cannot be public.

One last note:

Power University is rather advanced social skills

Since you're young, keep in mind that PU is rather advanced social strategizing.

I don't personally know your level, but if you feel that it's too advanced, or that you need to address the basics first, get some more beginner-friendly resources and please don't be shy of letting me know.
If that's the case, I'm happy to refund you, and you can come back around here when you're more leveled -don't wanna take anyone's last savings unless it's delivering proper value :)-

On the other hand, I personally think it's structured in a way that it can also take beginner to a higher level without losing them on the way.

In any case, welcome and cheers :).

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man i am good , don't need refund ! I would love if you provide me the new seduction course you releasing after month for free so i can review it for you and you can upload it as testimonial ! also man really excited to go through this , been reading free forum since a lot of time .I would appreciate the new course for free if you can , i would be on 7th heaven lol. anyways man get ready for questions ! have a good day

Welcome! 🙂

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Lucio Buffalmano

Welcome! I'm also a new arrival, and have just bought the 'power university' package... I'm sure we'll have a lot to share as we work through the materials.. 🙂

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Lucio Buffalmano

Hey, good to have ya here! I studied the first two chapters in depth (and skimmed the seduction part) and it's been very helpful. The feeling of being empowered and better able to meet your goals is a good one 🙂 You got what it takes, keep going and good luck with the course.

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Lucio Buffalmano

As somebody who's starting to come to the end of a career I can say for somebody starting out this is literally the best investment you could make.  Hope you learn a lot and have fun doing.

Hey @lucio Building on what you said about Prince being 18 and PU being quite advanced social strategising, what do you think in terms of a timeline should a person's social skills and in this case seduction knowledge be at?

For instance : Age 18 is for learning the basics. Age 20 is for going out every Thursday and Saturday etc

I am curious to find out as I am 20 myself.


Hi Oli,

It's difficult and even dangerous to put a number on things.

Age matters, of course, and there is a (more or less strong) link between age, skills level, and how ready/mature one tends to be (tends!).

I'd certainly look at age when advicsing someone.
But I'd look more even more at one person's life, goals, and attitudes.

If one is 70, in good shape, and never had short-term flings, and feels he might have missed on some life, one might well advise him to blow some money, hit some strip clubs, do something out of the ordinary, and have some fun.
And he'd probably have a blast, and be glad he did it.

And if a guy is 18 but has absolutely no interest in dating around, socializing with new people, or climbing hierarchies, then... Why forcing him into a path that does not suit him (there is a similar example in Dating Power Dynamics).
When I'm referring to "danger" in looking at age alone (or any other single trait for that matter), is that I wouldn't want that older guy to ever think it's "too late", or that younger guy to think he "has to" do certain things.
That's a recipe for unhappiness and self-limiting oneself.

With that all-important intro out of the way, then, yes, it makes sense to think strategically about how to develop one's own learning and life.

When it comes to learning, starting position probably matters more than age.
So I'd first ask you:

Do you think you understand the basics of socialization and emotional intelligence?
For example, how others are feeling, how you make others feel?

Or, for example, a bit more advanced: if someone is feeling down, do you have a feel for when it's time to shut up and listen and empathize, and when it's time to switch gears and cheer someone up?

If the answer is yes, you already got the basics down pat.
If not, then emotional intelligence and getting that "feel" for social dynamics, which in turn will make you more effective in everything social, shold be your priority.

Check out this good post here about the order with which to learn everything social-related:

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