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Hero Mindset

One of the best mindset I encountered:

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Lucio Buffalmano

Great one.

In this latest upgrade I gave this advice on how to walk with power:

  • Think of yourself as wearing a cape

Which is quite similar.

Or think of yourself as carrying concealed, but not in an aggressive way, but as a hero.
Or, for those who are into manga:

What I'd warn about, of course, is the usual risk that can turn any great mindset into a prison; that you MUST be a hero.

There will be plenty of mundane times in your life, or times when you'll be on your ass, or covered in manure -sometimes, who knows, even literally-.

You don't see that sh*t in the movies.
But it happens in real life.
Then, your version of being a hero should be larger than just "looking cool", or having a cool soundtrack on a YB video.
The antifragile version of being a hero is grounded on the "usual suspects", things like being proud of doing your best, and being proud of being a learner, even while failing time after time.

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