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Hi to all - Introduction

Hi to everyone,

My name is Lars, I am from Germany and 27 years old. I found this site while randomly scrolling through the internet and got really excited because of the quality of the content. After graduating from college one year ago and working in marketing & sales at a start-up company, I am now on the mission of building a consulting business.

I love the topic of power university, which combines a lot of my interests in an overall frame, so I had to buy the course. I am half way through it and it adds a lot of value and clarity, so thanks for creating it! A huge part of my current interests are social psychology, sales & marketing, developing a powerful & high quality social network  and - of course - dating & seduction. I am also into reading, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, meditation and traveling.

So I look forward to interact with you guys here in the forum, have a nice day/week/month/life everyone!


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Lucio BuffalmanoStef

Awesome, great to have you here, Lars!

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?