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High value women: correction to your article

read your article about high value women, in which you've made several errors.

I knew a man wrote this once I started getting deeper into it.

If you're writing a post about a topic that fits all women from all backgrounds, do not place an emphasis on only white english speaking women. It shows you are narrow minded, and totally incapable of deciphering what's high value and what isn't.

High value women speak different languages other than English. Case and point CoCo Chanel. High value women exist in different cultures and ethnicities. For example Cleopatra.

Lastly, high value women CAN indeed hold degrees, and have jobs. For example, Michelle Obama.

High value men highly esteem a woman of substance and value, whether she was a former porn start or a Harvard grad. If he sees her value, then that's all that matters.

I don't know Coco Chanel, and neither do you.

What we do know for sure is that she lived in an era when English was not yet the international language.

The article is for today's women, not past women.
And if you don't speak English today, chances are that you're either not well educated, that you didn't take care of your own education, or that you don't care about playing on a world's stage.
Those are bad signs of a person's overall value.
And if one has studied and didn't learn it properly, it does say something about one's own mental faculties -which in turn says something about one's own genetic makeup, see "mating intelligence" as well-.
Of course one can still be a high-value woman -or man- in spite of this or that glaring lack. But it's still one signal to take into account.

On the degree thing, I don't see where that's coming from. Please be more careful and don't ascribe to me things I never said -or believe-.

Finally, when it comes to one's past and background, it's ludicrous to say it doesn't matter.
Would you highly esteem a guy whether he happened to be a stalker who killed his two exes or a principled man?
Your past is not a death sentence and people can change. But past behavior is still a very important indicator of personal value and a strong predictor of future behavior.
So yes, it does matter what she did and who she was.

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Your English is far from perfect. Doesn't that make you a low quality guy then

Quote from Guest on February 8, 2020, 10:06 am

Your English is far from perfect. Doesn't that make you a low quality guy then

I laughed when I read this.

But, on a serious note, my level at anything is irrelevant.

Would you tell a financial analyst that his financial analysis makes no sense because he's poorer than the company he's analyzing?
Or would you tell him that he's not qualified at analyzing that company because he has a smaller net worth?

It's the same here.
I'm the equivalent of that financial analysit. A social analyst, if you will.

I don't write from a position of me being the example.
Also because I never much enjoyed the authors who do that -and that's why I'm often critical of the various gurus around-.
It reeks of cult.

First of all, when you set yourself up as the example to follow, you become a ceiling.
And when you're being someone's ceiling, you're not helping people. You're helping yourself, and your own ego.

And second, I think the most helpful, healthies thing one can do, is to encourage the readers to be independent folks, and to implement the information within their own life, preferences, personalities, strengths and weaknesses.
That means that some of the readers will be far more advanced than I am in some areas or life, while learning something in some other areas of life.

And it's the same when I am reading and learning from someone else.

Does that make sense?
You gave me a good idea for a post, by the way.

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Hey. The pictures of women in low value woman seems Muslim. Where you find her. Malaysia?

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