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How do i become the person i truly imagine myself to become ?


One of my unmet needs is to become the person i truly imagine myself to be and it drives me to take action and develop myself through the discomfort. Im struggling though.

I've seen and experienced Powerful people and personalities walk, talk, behave, react, express and how the external world reacts to this product of human excellence. This is the image that i truly strive to achieve but whats most important to me is the bedrock of the foundation and the development of a man like this, a human being like this. A human being with the highest values and morals and principles that one adheres to from beginning to end no matter the level of success or dissatisfaction in life. A human being that is more concerned about impressing his subconscious and caring more about what his subconscious thinks of him. A man who has the highest and strongest traits and always takes the strongest action in every situation. A man who is so dominant, charismatic, confident, powerful, strong, resillient, respected, feared and also for these traits and qualities to show on a perceptual level to the ones around him and the ones who know him, that he is all these things and is deeply respected and admired by the people who know him and around him and who is also known for at a level of popularity and fame.

Now i can only grasp and imagine this kind of man, but to practically ensue this, how? How do i know where to start?


How do i become powerful like this? powerful traits, powerful behaviors, powerful body language, deep and hypnotising facial expressions and stares? How do i begin? How do i create this process into a system and a practical step-by-step guide to develop myself into this person. Thank you.