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How do I know if I’m ready to enter a relationship?


That's not a very articulate question, is it.

What do you think is stopping you from being ready for a relationship.
For example:

  • Age (too young?)
  • A sexual short-term disposition (which you think might disappear with a few one-night stands)
  • Career goals
  • Options (which you think will increase as you become higher value and higher SMV)
  • Lack of knowledge and/or experience in relationship management / female psychology (which you think you can grow in the next X weeks/months)
  • ....

Without clarity of question there can't be clarity of answer -unless one were to write a book-.
So before even knowing your answer, you might need to do some self-assessment and come up with you feel is stopping you right. Or, even better than "what's stopping you", let's use the positive: what you need to do, be, and accomplish, to be ready and prepared for a healthy and mutually-satisfying relationship.

It's a very good qeustion thouhg, and it's great you ask it. It shows a high level of maturity -and strategic thinking as well-.
Most people just randomly end up in relationships when it happens -and that's why most people fuck up most of their relationships (and lives)-.

If it's a short-term disposition that you need to tackle first, there is a quiz I drafted to help men understand if they are still in a short-term phase or if they're getting ready for a relationship.
It's only for subscribers and SP customers though. But you can get a slightly shorter, but very similar quiz from the book "What Women Want", since I molded it around Geoffrey Miller's work.

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