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How do you feel about this Karen's video?

It's called "Karen goes crazy":

The title is already a pre-frame in itself.

I found it from a video analysis from doctor Grande, a credentialed therapist who usually makes very balanced videos but that this time happened to be very critical.

Around 90-95% of the comments could be classified as "against her", ranging from pure anger, to making fun of her.

I had a very different reaction, so I wanted to get a second opinion.

How do you feel about this video?


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Obviously a bit of an overreaction, but people need more compassion she is stressed out, turn the camera off make sure everyone is ok and get on with your life is my thoughts and everyone in the comments are dumb sheep lol how would they feel if it was their family member

Lucio Buffalmano has reacted to this post.
Lucio Buffalmano

I have a feeling that the cameraperson provoked Karen at the start.
Probably Karen told the cameraperson that she was uncomfortable being on camera.
The cameraperson dismissed her concerns and continued to firm her.

This seems to be the case because the cameraperson continued to provoke her even though she said she doesn't want to be on camera.

It's also a bit suspicious why the cameraperson edited the video to begin at the moment when Karen approached her.
It appeared like she wanted to make it seem that Karen was charging at her.

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Mitch White

Yeah, I also had a feeling that the supposed "monster" here was a victim.

Not in the sense that she was necessarily "good".
It's very possible that she was rude in the beginning or that she even attacked first -that, I don't know-.

So in that sense, I can also understand the woman who first started recording.

But once the camera turned on, it became obvious that the "Karen" had some major mental issues.

She begged and pleaded not to have her mental breakdown filmed, she seems in great distress to me.

More like a person who needed help and compassion, rather than public shame.

Something to keep in mind if one day you end up as a public lightning rod for people frustrations: the sheep will pile up. But as long as you can remind yourself it's sheep, that should give you enough strength to stay unaffected.

Mitch White has reacted to this post.
Mitch White
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?
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