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How does Psycopath hypnosis practically work?


How does this practically work? How do you do it?

I have been on dates and we share positive and negative stories. They open up. I open up.  We hookup and have fun. But i've never been able to hook a woman like how i read in these links. I have met a woman where i've felt a trance but i have NO CLUE, what she did to get me in. She wasn't the best experience or anything like that. She just got me hooked. So clearly i don't understand these blogs or how it really happens step by step.

So.....What's really the difference between having a nice date, good questions and a little bit of actively put someone in a love trance?
Like practically, how do you really do it by filling in the blanks i feel the blogs have.

For my autistic mind: How would you orchestrate a date with examples to achieve this, because i'm interested in the difference between how i conduct my dates and behave. I always get the "we had fun. youre a great guy" but never the "i'm addicted to you" in a good way. So maybe with good examples i can figure out my blind spots.

Hello legend503,

Look, I don't wanna be the guy who answers with a link to the products -not least because that may offer a poor image of myself-.

However, that's exactly what I need to do.
To answer this question would require me to repeat a good chunk of what's already in Seduction University.

And to repeat what's already out there is not the most effective use of one's time.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Hello, Legend503

Psychopath methods are inherently value-taking, you don't want to mirror them. It's opposite to win-win, so I can't see how to make it work without throwing away all I learned in PU.

Some things they do are basic social skills that they've really mastered. Some traits they develop/portray are almost universally sought after and that's why they work - but these are a façade, designed for the sole purpose of luring victims, and there's no real depth to it.

And then comes the question: If you succeed deploying these techniques, not being a psychopath yourself, would you be happy with your love life? Knowing that you manipulated someone into falling for you? I believe you wouldn't. Psychos instead derive their satisfaction from the very act of manipulating other people.

My suggestion is to look away from anything manipulative, and focus instead on self-development, on being an overall great guy, and on crafting good experiences both for you and your woman. There are so many nuances to it that they don't lend itself to be summarized here. It's really the whole PU and SU curriculum to achieve that, there's no shortcut.


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