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How Jeff Bezos Handled An Embarrassing Incident Well?

I wanted to talk about this under one thread referencing Amazon's public relations strategy, but this is better suited as a standalone thread.

Jeff Bezos handled the blackmailing and allegation of him having an affair very well.
He turned this incident around and leveraged his comeback to grow Amazon further.

He took away all the leverage of the blackmailing party (David Pecker of the National Enquirer) by publicly admitting embarrassing personal matters.
And it is not an ordinary personal matter.
Going further, he framed the other party as a bully using underhanded tactics to blackmail and control him.
And rightly so. We need to stand up to bullies.

How We Can Apply This?

We need to internalise that people do not have the right to abuse us for our mistakes.
It can be a powerful tool to admit our mistakes vulnerably and openly.
Followed by framing the other party as an underhanded party for blackmailing us.

For example, a boss shouts at you publicly for a mistake.
Admit your mistake and direct the conversation towards his improper behaviour.

This can be applied in situations where someone leverages something in an attempt to control us.
For example, someone employes social scalping on you for a previous favour.
Admit that indeed the favour was a big favour, but draw attention to the nasty power move he is playing on you.

Many weapons of leverage and control are emotional.
Controlling via ego, fear, greed, lust, etc.
Accepting and transcending these negative emotions can take away these potential leverages from abusive individuals.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Great post, Matthew!

Both in Jeff Bezos strategy, as well as how to apply in different situations.

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Matthew Whitewood
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