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How self-made billionaire Sara Blakely generated natural attention for her business

ThePowerMoves: Featured In

At the time of writing, March 2019, still hasn’t celebrated its second year in business and Lucio hasn’t focused much on marketing so far.

So he likes to think that it was the quality of the content and information that led him to be quoted as a subject matter expert on people, psychology and social dynamics, on the following websites:

  • BBC (on the psychology of travelers)
  • Psychology Today (on the psychology of unfaithfulness in committed relationships)
  • Glassdoor (on “unconventional ways” to land a job, ie.: social power moves)
  • Business Insider (on cheating and dating)
  • Forbes (on the dynamics of G+ groups and communities any personal experience with G+)
  • Yahoo (on passive aggression)
  • Inc (on social engineering)
  • NBC (on social skills and effective network-building)
  • Market Watch (the psychology of self-talk and controlling one’s own perceptions and emotions)
  • ResearchGate (a scientific research publication linking to some of my reviews)
  • Countless mentions on Reddit, Quora, forums and universities’ private groups

Plus many more. And still counting.

What I'm focusing on here is this line:

About: "...he likes to think that it was the quality of the content and information that led him to be quoted as a subject matter expert on people, psychology and social dynamics, on the following websites..."

I've begun a new MasterClass on self-made entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely (self-made billionaire and founder of Spanx) who said something that reminded me of this line.

She said:

Blakely: "Spanx didn't advertise for 16 years. We became a global brand without advertising. And, we did that through this really deep connection that we had through the consumer. And, I attribute a lot of it to being connected to purpose."

Now, personally, I feel that if Blakely's company's products were no good, it wouldn't have reached this point of global attention.

So, I actually think it's a combination of both that led to her accomplishment: a high-quality product coupled with a deep connection to purpose—that she expressed through a deep care for her customers (by being willing to gather feedback from them in order to improve her product for them).

And, I think the same is true for TPM.

TPM may have been able to attract so much natural, organic attention through its high-quality content coupled with a deep connection to its purpose (and robin hood spirit)—that's expressed through keeping the content practical and applicable (as opposed to "fun-to-read" theory) and a deep care for its customers (an advantage of solopreneurship).

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Lucio Buffalmano

Interesting example, Ali, thank you for sharing (and for linking it to TPM).

I think that TPM / PU face one hurdle in terms of word-of-mouth/sharing, and it's that a percentage of people would rather keep it private because they:

  1. See it as a competitive advantage: so the fewer people know about it, the better it is for them (there is one review where one PU alumnus says that he erased his browsing history to keep it as secret as possible. That was so extreme that it made me laugh, but when you see extreme cases, it's often the sign that there are many less extreme fellas who don't erase their browsing history, but also don't share it)
  2. The stigma of learning about power dynamics: some people keep it private out of fear of judgment and labels. See for example a recent thread. The fact that TPM promotes win-win and becoming a value-adding individual mitigates that, but some of the stigma still remains.

Still, not everyone belongs to either of those two, so there are at least some people who share TPM with others.

I'm also planning to look deeper into an affiliate program after the various course and ebook upgrades. And I think the financial incentive should help.

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