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How these Hell's Kitchen contestants used the "give them rope" technique to win

Example from Hell's Kitchen's “The Most Intense Moments” series:

Aggressor: "I ain't no f****** b**** chef, I don't give a f***, I ain't no b****.

Gordon: (frame surfacing) "What?"

Aggressor: "I'm not no b****."

Competitor 1: "He's trying to bring the best out of you, you gotta look past that."

Aggressor: "He wanna bring the best out of me." 

Competitor 2: (lays the bait) "Yeah, show some respect."

Aggressor: (consumed by his emotions, he foolishly takes it without thinking) "Shut your f****** mouth, is what you should do right now."

Competitor 2: (gives him rope by remaining silent and taking the full brunt of the aggression)

Competitor 3: (chimes in to lay another trap) "Come on man."

Aggressor: (now also letting his ego get to him, continues digging deeper) "I'm talking here, I don't give a f*** about you. I didn't come here for you."

Competitor 3: (also remains silent, allowing him to expose himself further as in the wrong)

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Competitor 1 seemed to have honest intentions with a less power game-y approach and a genuine desire to see his peer regain his composure.

However, even though the following two chefs also seemed to have honest intentions, there was also more of a power dynamic of giving the aggressor space to be mean.

The first made a comment that would provoke him (ordering him to show more respect), and he took the bait, cussing back.

Then, rather than attack back after his rude response, she remains silent and patient (a more submissive approach), leaving him to stir in his negative emotions further and dig himself deeper.

After that, the next person to speak (listed as Competitor 2 above) continues the submissive approach of giving rope, saying, "Come on man," then leaving him to be even more forward.

And, when he falls into that trap as well, she also remains silent after allowing him to extend himself deeper into the wrong.

This would be an environment where over-aggression and nastiness could get contestants kicked out.

So, they "won" the round, effectively getting rid of an enemy. (Notice it was only the Red Team contestants who gave rope to an angry Blue Team member.)

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Had he not gone so far in basically getting himself kicked off the show, Gordon probably would've kicked him off anyway. He had gone too far by that point and it wouldn't have been worth it to keep him around.

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