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"How to be Charming" article feedback: what do you think?

In the PU dating book for women, Lucio makes this recommendation:

And, the Power University course aims to create high-quality individuals and recommends the "Charmer" style of dominance for its students.

Therefore, it seems that a woman looking for a man ought to look for a high-quality man who's a social charmer.

However, when reading the article, "How to Be Charming: The Art of Social Seduction," there's no mention of humility.

There's the point that charmers build people up.

But, that also feels like a similar distinction that was made in the "How to Be Charismatic" article:

  • #7. Show Muscles When Needed: shows strength when needed.
  • #8. Display Fearlessness: shows strength fearlessly.

Both points seem very similar, yet there's a distinction in that one can show strength by standing their ground with their knees still clacking together.

It's possible to show strength while still being afraid.

Similarly, it's possible to build others up while still being cocky.

So, I think it's important to include that point (for the education of the students as well as the coherence of the information):

  • #3. Build People Up: such as by complimenting the achievements of others.
  • #4. Remain Humble: such as by downplaying one's own achievements.

Would be curious to hear anyone's thoughts on this below.

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Lucio Buffalmano

Thank you for the note, Ali!

These are the things that make TPM better.

I amended the article now and added humbless next to "avoid social climbing", with the note that ideally one is high power and humble -much better than low power and humble where one might even come across as self-denigrating-.

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Ali Scarlett
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