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How to handle a socially awkward girl yelling at you in class?

So today, I was in a dance class. I've gotten weird hostile vibes from this one girl. I was being nice to her one day about her electric skateboard. The day before, we went to an event as a class and I helped her carry the skateboard up the stairs. The next day, I just commented "Bringing back the skateboard I see :)" just starting a conversation. She immediately replies "What else am I gonna fucking bring?" really aggressively in front of my classmates.

I was taken back at her hostile response and another classmates jump in like 'oh I didn't know you could ride those either' and she passively aggressively goes 'oh I didn't know what you were saying' and leaves in an angry manner.

This was such a weird reaction that I just assumed she had a bad day or something cause I've been nice to her.

Today, I made a bit of a social mistake. After we were done dancing, my professor had us sit down in a circle and went into deep talk about dance philosophies after having fun. However, I was back and forth drinking water and left about 5 minutes early while they were having the talk.

While I was changing (at the back) I was listening to her. The same girl turns around and yells "TURN THE FUCK AROUND" while I was saying bye to her.

I didn't realize she said this until I left the class. But my response was just un-phased, I waved at my professor which she waved bye back, and left the class.

She doesn't have many friends in class (one other girl) and people don't really talk to her. I've been seemingly nice to most people in my class.

Anyway, if a girl is screaming at you like this when you barely even talked to her, how would you handle this in front of everyone? This is the second time.

Hi Davinci09,

Her reply was disempowering to you, but I feel you did great by ignoring her, I would try to remain calm, look her in the eye and tell her to stop yelling, if she doesn't stop,  I would wish her a good day in the flattest tone possible  and leave or completely ignore her.

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Lucio BuffalmanoKavalier

Yes, agree with Maverick, this wasn't "socially awkward", this was aggressive, disrespectful, out of place, and just a few steps shy of "having to be restrained".

Don't wanna be the guy who blames the victim, but consider that I have absolutely no background information. And since this is so rare to happen, I frankly must wonder if you have a history with this person or acted yourself "off" before.

If that's not the case, you didn't lose much power because if this girl is a loner and everyone knows it, then it's just "that crazy woman who does her usual stupid shit", so ignoring was OK.

It would have also been OK to turn around and say "excuse me" though, or even to walk back and raise the issue with the class leader saying that "you're not OK with that behavior".
As a mater of fact, that would have been an eagle/boss move, and could have been the perfect chance for the group to get rid of her -and you would have led the way, a huge status boost for you-.

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