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How To Invite Her Home The James Bond Way (Casino Royale)

Look at this video:

James Bond looks cool, right?

But it's not very effective.

The writers of the script either understand little of seduction or, simply are going for "looks cool" instead of "works great".

What's Wrong With James Bond's Invite Home

Basically what's happening here is a power dynamics where he is forcing her to show her cards and admit that yes, she wants him.

It's almost a challenge is he throwing at her.
The playwriters then added the typical sales technique of holding the silence until the prospect relents.
That doesn't work nearly as well in seduction, though.

James Bond indeed is also making her feel like a bitch. And he is putting all the pressure on her to move the interaction forward.
That's a HUGE no-no in seduction.
In a way, he is relinquishing leadership.

It would have been much more effective if he had said:

Her: Is it close?
James Bond: Very. Let's go.

Maybe not as cool, but much more effective.
And even much more leader-like.

Unluckily, you can't learn seduction from movies :).

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