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How to respond to colleagues that tasks you

Hi, I read a post about (people who task) to respond back with telling them indirectly to say "please". I looked through this subforum but did not find anything about more concrete examples 🙂

For example if a colleague you work with regulare tells you to do something like: "could you move this paper to the other room" or "get the coffee machine manual".

Some response I can think of is like (other then "please") is:

Neutral response example:

"The paper for the tomorrow?" He/she replies: "yes". "alright. I get it done".

"Alright, I will help you with that".

Another thing that is possible could be to I also task the person as much as he/she task me, but thats too much investment. Ofcourse gets so good in your work that you are naturally the leader of all the task that its strange and unusual that if someones tells you to do something 🙂


What way and how can we respond when colleagues give tasks (necessary or uncessary task, doesnt matter)?