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How to think about one’s past


From time to time, a painful memory would come up to the surface.

I would remember when someone hurt me for what they did but most of the times for what they said.

I looked for many different ways to not suffer about what is past and that I cannot change.

The one I do now is the most effective that I found so far.

If a painful memory bubbles up instead of beating myself up for what I did not properly or what people did to me I go in rational mode:

Alright, this happened and it hurt me. What is the lesson I can draw from this event?

This helped me tremendously to move on instead of suffering needlessly. In the past the memory would come up again in the future. Now they rarely do anymore. So I think it’s an effective way to make peace with one’s past.

With some distance I can see the nastiness from the other people and my past failure to defend myself with a detached perspective.

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