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I read a lot of TPM articles while doing PU. Is this suboptimal?

The website is huge and full of good stuff. I'm trying to do 1 lesson in PU per day but I get sidetracked a lot by reading TPM articles instead. The one on enlightened individualism is a masterpiece.

Am I "doing it wrong"? Is PU the 'best source'? @lucio tell me yes so I can stop reading the TPM site lol

LOL, TL,Don'tWannaRead:

Yes, PU is the best source.

And to go faster and be more effective, focus on PU and skip the articles.

Longer answer

Great question.

And yes, when it comes to the "core skills" around power/strategies/people skills, I think it's much better to focus on PU.

It provides the foundations better, but also goes deeper on those foundations.

Structure & organization

First, there is the "structure and organization" point of view.

PU is laid out to go from most basic to most advanced, from more theoretical, to self-analyses, to practical examples & quizzes to internalize those concepts in a way that makes you more effective (and recently action steps with the PDFs).

The "structure and organization" argument is sometimes the only true USP of many courses that are usually "just" concentrated wisdom of someone's work -and if someone's work is good, that is already a great value proposition-.

But PU is different here in the sense that it also delivers more wisdom than the publicly available info.

Such as:

Lessons are better than articles

This may not seem obvious at first.

I know that one potential point of confusion is that for some important topics there are both articles and lessons.

And to those who have PU, the two may seem similar.

Several people who have PU also wrote me or commented on "how good X article was" and I felt the urge to rush and remind them that the article was also a lesson and they'd better check the lesson or they'd be losing on some crucial insights / examples / practical applications.

The lesson on Machiavellianism is a good example.

The article is already very good -without false modesty, it's likely the best thing on the Internet to learn and self-develop from Machiavellianism-.
And yet the lesson is 10x better -at least, and getting even better: I'll keep adding examples & practical applications in the lesson, not in the article-.

There are several reasons why, but let's skip them for brevity.

The same is true for many other important lessons -including social exchanges, manipulation, frame control, covert power moves, leadership power dynamics, etc.-.


One exception might be the judge role, which has an entire article, but not an entire lesson.

But there's a reason for that: through briefer mentions and examples, PU already provides the foundations of emotional power dynamics, which is basically what "the judge" is all about.
But in some cases, to better understand the concept and dynamics, then the article might help.

Enlightened Individualism that you mention might also be an exception, but I see it as more of a high-level, personality-based, almost skirting into the philosophical approach to life and life-effectiveness to make it into PU -maybe the most important bits of it might go in Ultimate Power, but not PU-.

And the same could be said for big-fish/small pond dynamics and mindsets.

But, generally speaking, PU is far superior to learning, internalizing, and turning wisdom into life skills.

Some important, practically-oriented PU lessons are only in PU

Finally, there are some very helpful lessons that are in PU, but have no corresponding articles.

For example, the "power tech" lesson and its 2 sub-lessons.
Those are super-practical, with examples and "step ladders" for optimal behavior, and have no corresponding lessons.

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