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I think you'll love this idea

Hi Lucio!

I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

A couple of months ago, I found myself in negotiations with a reputable company that said they would take a book idea of mine and turn it into a guaranteed best-seller if I agreed to write the book.

This book, which I've been writing for the past couple of months now, is about networking. The idea behind the book is to empower young individuals with forms of power other than just money to move closer to their goals.

Even though I'm an actor, I decided to write the book in the hopes of making an impact beyond what I do on-screen.

The general expectation would be for me to have an influencer in the networking space write the Foreword. However, Since Chapter One is about power dynamics and Chapter Two is about adopting helpful mindsets, I would love to have you write the Foreword instead.

I have a section in my book where I could plug your book "Ultimate Power" since the idea is to empower the individuals who read the book. Of course, I would also be sending you a free copy once it's finished :).

How open would you be to writing the Foreword?

Warm regards,

Ali Scarlett

P.S. I will also be using this book to build up my email list. When the email list is built up, I'd be happy to send out a mass email to all of my subscribers directing them to The Power Moves website.

*I had no idea what to write for the subject line. Email redacted for privacy. I sent you an email in addition to this post if that's where you'd prefer to respond.

Ali, that's awesome man, congratulations on the book deal!

Yes, I'm happy to talk about that foreword. I'm going to move this via email.



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