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If your boss raves about you to your colleagues, but not your superior, you're being played

I'm reading now "How Women Rise", a great book on career strategies.

And this part stood out to me:

Serena also realized that, although her boss had always been lavish in praising her, he mostly did so to staff and other producers. He’d never raved about her work to the senior network people in New York.
Yet they were the ones who needed to know what she was capable of if she had any expectation of moving on.
“Why wouldn’t he have talked to them about me?” she wondered. “(...) But maybe the other reason was that I’d made myself indispensable to him over the years. So why would he have taken the initiative to help me move on?

Yep, she was probably right.

If your boss only praises you to your colleagues, but not your superior, what good does it do to you?
Sure, it's better than nothing. It increases your status within the team.
But within the team is not enough to advance.
That might as well be empty flattery that gets you nowhere.

As a matter of fact, it's also possible that he is playing you to keep where you are.

If you're doing great work, ask yourself: who is my boss telling it to?
If the word is not going out, you're probably being boxed in.

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