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I'll be mostly off-grid in the next few days

Hey guys,

I’m at a place with little to no Internet, so my presence either in the forum or for support will be spotty.

The funniest thing: it’s supposed to be a 5-stars resort… With no Internet in the rooms and the “free Internet in the lobby” working 20% of the time on a good day (and this is not a good day: I wrote this message on Word and took me 1h of refreshing to finally be able to post it).

Internet on mobile is equally poor.

I’m focusing now on getting my Covid test on time to cut the stay short, and making the most out of whatever there is to enjoy.

I had never tried a resort before, and it’s definitely not for me.

It’s also not for you if you’re seeking to be productive, enjoy your freedom, and/or enjoy meeting and networking with the top 20% of folks.
Resorts -or at least this resort - are like living life on rails, with the rails designed for the lowest common denominator.

Maybe I'll write more later on a review of this place in the travel section.

Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?