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in from the cold 🙂

Hi there brothers and sisters,

Just signed up to the forum, and wanted to introduce myself. My name's Lucas, and I'm delighted to have found this space. I'm in my mid-40s, and live in France, and I was a chronic people pleaser for much of my youth (though I'm still not old!)... Anyhoo, I did a lot of work on myself in my early 30s and became much more confident and at ease with myself. Having recently become single again, after a long relationship, I've realised just how much I've sunk back into old patterns of subservience and approval-seeking, however, so I need to start working on rebuilding myself. I know change is possible, because I've done it before. And I also know it's possible to go backwards if you're not making the effort.

I really like the fact the Power Moves seems to place an emphasis on the fact that real self-empowerment and being courageously true to oneself can (and should) lead to become a powerful positive force in the world, rather than just another egomaniac. I'm looking forward to sharing in your journeys and supporting however I can. Thanks for being here!



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Awesome, welcome Lucas!

These days of social distancing and lockdowns could also be great timing for your renewed focus on self-development.
Fewer distractions and more time for new routines and learning.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Whoo, welcome Lucas! I'm the same way, live to the full and lift up those around you. While whooping butt of those who try to power down you of course 😉

I came from a similar place, being super naïve and unaware of power dynamics around me, and this place helped a lot. Because of this place, I can express myself and connect to others even more fully, while also being aware of the messed-up stuff some people (and all of us, we're not perfect) do too. I like that this place teaches you what's really going on without being all bitter and grumpy about it. Stay a while, I know it'll be better for you and everyone too.

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Hi there guys!

Thanks for the welcome - much appreciated! Looking forward to learning more and getting further into the tools and resources here - looks a very positive and empowering space!

All the best,


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