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Interviewer Covertly Frames An Ex-President of Global, Non-Proft Organisation

I just attended an online event of an interview with an ex-president of a global, non-profit organisation.

During the interview, there was a segment where the ex-president was sharing about choosing the location of his new headquarters when he was president.
The interviewer asked in a joking way

Interviewer: So you chose the best, most expensive location for your new office.
Could you share with us how you got such an excellent location?

Ex-President: It's a secret. (in a joking tone back)
Anyway, if we didn't choose that location for the headquarters, they will probably use it for private housing.
(We actually benefited the public by choosing an excellent location rather than letting rich men stay there. I didn't do this to get myself a nice, fancy office)
So it's great that we got a central location rather than somewhere inaccessible like far north.
(Switched to the pronoun "we" to emphasise the interests of the team and the public and how the location is important for those interests)

The interviewer covertly frames him as deciding the new location for his personal interest.
But the ex-president re-frames the original frame to one in a pro-social light.

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