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Intro for me 'Leader of fun' 🙂

I'm a beginner at social influence or power strategy, I just found Power University a week ago.

I have a good circle of friends where I live now (Berlin).

I founded a business that sustains my lifestyle and I have launched a couple of moonshots that failed. So I have am ambiguous relationship with ambition right now. (I believe that ambition is good if you have leverage; it's counter productive if you don't. Most people don't so most people intuitively understand that they are better off not being ambitious).

I'm "kind of successful" in the dating market. At least if I compare myself to my own expectations and dreams, I have achieved far more than what I aimed for. This could of course change anytime so I work actively on increasing my SMV.

I'm here to create or join a social circle of powerful men that protect and love each other. Mostly in Tech, and locally, but I'm happy to consider how this could work for remote people.

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Lucio BuffalmanoJohn FreemanZenDancer

Awesome, welcome man!

Sounds like you're doing well and can move and work from solid grounds.
There is also quite a tech scene in Berlin, so the "raw material" for your plans is also right there when you're willing to step in.

In terms of "lifestyle VS moonshots", that's an interesting topic, since for some people the "sustaining lifestyle business" is the moonshot.
Sometimes for lack of bigger ambitions.
But in some other cases -as in mine- because the moonshot is better served through a lifestyle business than by focusing on "scaling".

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John FreemanZenDancerleaderoffun
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Welcome to the forum LoF... I'm already enjoying your posts 🙂 I've found PU a brilliant resource... if you're looking for postiive, authentic male connections, I also recommend ManKind Project... I look forward to sharing in your journey..

All the best,


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John Freemanleaderoffun

Hey man!

Great attitude and goals! Welcome!

My opinion is that we are somehow influenced by the American dream. This is good and bad. It's good as it pushes us to go to higher altitude.

That being said, let us remember that we don't live in the same socio-economic context as the US. So I think it's a matter of having a sound plan. To build on existing building blocks, have solid foundations and go for the long game. Then the sky is the limit.

Maybe you can share your moonshots and why you think they failed. You could get useful feedback.

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Lucio Buffalmanoleaderoffun

@Lucas, thanks for recommending ManKind Project, will check them.

@John Freeman, my two moonshots were a continuation of what I do in Europe, but in North America. They failed for different reasons: Too little visas in the US for me to get people, and too little money/ambition (plus some bad timing, family wise) in Canada.

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