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Introduce Myself

Hello there,

Years ago, I chanced upon this website but I did not take a closer look. Fast forward today, I uprooted from hometown, leaving friends and family behind to seek a job opportunity in foreign land. Now, in this new place, without any friends (have 1 here but do not consider close), social strategy became all the more important to me. I am really glad to find back this website which offers non bullshit advice to folks like me who is more of a realist than a idealist. Thanks Luico for putting up the articles, they are really helpful! So much of contents on this website resonate truth, keep up the great work!


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Matthew WhitewoodTransitioned

Welcome (back) Bryan!

That's sometimes happened to me as well sometimes: I first stumbled onto something and thought "oh, kinda cool", but only at a later encounter I realized the true potential.

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Matthew WhitewoodBryan Johnson
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Looking forward to speaking with you on the forums!

I never thought how powerful a course can be when I first started out.
Because there's lots of snake oil self-help and people skill courses out there.

I am on the same page with you.
One of my motivations for getting better at power dynamics is the freedom to travel to a new place and form new connections.
The world feels smaller and connected somehow. In a very good way.

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Lucio BuffalmanoBryan Johnson

Hey Matthew,

Yeah, I really liked the idea that Luico made this forum, to not only discuss about social dynamic strategies and issues but also brought like minded folks together. It is really tough to find folks who are interested in this topic. Most people I know either don't know what to do but also don't want to do anything about it, or others just simply gets it somehow.

Definitely sticking around the forum. I actually noticed a number of posts which I had similar encounters as well. Since folks who visit this website are atleast interested in this topic, if not expert in it. I guess there is no need to shy away from any open discussions 🙂

Heart of many problems stemmed from non-optimized social interaction. Been empowered, the ability to convince and persuade is like the closest thing to superpower I believe.

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Matthew Whitewood

Welcome aboard Bryan.  Its interesting most folks who come here seem win win by nature and seeking self defence.  I'm one of the resident silver tips here - still above ground and still learning.  Looking forward to chatting.



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Matthew WhitewoodBryan Johnson