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Introduce myself!

Hey Lucio, this is Oliver. I am learning Business Sales in Australia. I came across your site from the Todd Valentine (The System) Review you made.

I used to read Roosh V about power dynamics and dating/culture- now I listen to you. I am enrolled in your Power University course and have both your Dating Power Dynamics and Ultimate Power books- very useful.

By the way, here are two books I came across that might help your reading list, would love to hear your opinions/analysis on them as I am taking their action steps currently. They come from the Wall Street Playboys site, and they are called Efficiency ($9.99) and Spending for Maximum Return. ($7.00)

I have read them over many times and consider them great advice.


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Hi Oliver, and welcome! I also used to read some Roosh V before the "return of kings" blog went on a hiatus, some content was very eye opening and thought provoking, Lucio here is in a whole new level when it comes specifically to power dynamics and the more subtle aspects of it, after all that is his area of expertise, so we hope you enjoy the forum and the content!

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Lucio BuffalmanoOli

Hey Oli,

Welcome here man!

On Roosh / Todd


I consider Todd a great guy to learn from.
Also, his approach is both analytical and thought through, and I like his general take on things outside of pick-up, too (he scored an easy win with me for standing against "high-vibration" and "law of attraction" BS). So thumbs up.


Roosh, I read one of his popular books on dating strategies and techniques, and I was less impressed.

But do also listen to Roosh V and do share what you like/learned from him if he did add value. This place is much better with a plurality of views, and I'm personally always happy to learn new things and approaches (also curious what @bucktickrammstein18 learned from him).

On Wall Street Playboy

Thanks for putting that website on the map, seems like a great resource on how much money truly impacts status and dating.

It has some gems, too, from one of their articles on money and dating:

Extremely attractive women have a ton of options so they will not date men who are “average”. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply full of it. Good luck splitting a $40 round of drinks with a girl in the 9 range. You’ll get paved.


Their products do seem good.
I went through the personal finance literature some time ago and, beyond the very sensible basics, didn't find much new information from one source to another. Plus, money doesn't feature high in my priority list right now, so albeit their stuff definitely piqued my interest, it might personally take me a while to get there.

BUT... If you'd like to write a review on them, or share your notes, I'd be very happy to read it.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

@lucio Well it was more like Roosh V help me to understand ( I am not saying "to agree") with the red pill movement and things like "man going their own way", and where they were coming from.

There were also many different collaborators in the "return of kings pages" so I dont even remember too well who wrote what.

By reading articles that synthetize many of the popular topics in that niche, like this one: