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Introduction from Wonderful South Korea!

Hey there, power players! Good to be here!

My name is Jack, as you might surmise from my username, and I live in South Korea. I've been out here since 2009, and in Asia since about 2007. I'm not here because I have any particular questions, it just seemed like a great community and I wanted to join in and become a part of such a great group of people discussing various topics!

I actually had the distinct pleasure to meet and spend a good deal of time with @lucio last year while he was in Korea. We spoke quite a bit, but never really talked much about our respective sites, and though he had mentioned that he had a site to me, I didn't really know what it was until yesterday when I stumbled on it while googling resources about shit tests. I very much look forward to meeting more of you here on the forum, and if you're ever in Korea, be sure to hit me up! If you have any other questions or information I should include here, I'd love to share all that I can!

-Papa Jack

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Lucio BuffalmanoStef

Hello Jack,




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StefJack North

A warm welcome to the community Jack!
South Korea does sound like a fun country to be in.

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StefJack North

Jack! My man!!!

Elegant and silver-tongued as always :).

Seeing your name brought a big smile to my face, and an even bigger smile seeing your picture. I will never forget how you described yourself coming out of the subway station as "looking like spring", and then.. It all made sense :).

Big hug to you, and pass my greetings to the K-crowd tomorrow.

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Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

LUCIO!! You know I save my silver tongue just for you! šŸ˜‰

Seriously man, I amĀ impressedĀ by your site and all the stuff you have on here! We vaguely mentioned your site while we were talking here, but I never really knew what it was until I ran across it the other day on google. I started reading through some of your material and I was just blown away. Your articles are deep, interesting, and informative with real-world analysis and explanation. Your Power University course seems amazing, and definitely a steal at the price you're offering it... You may have a new customer over here in Korea!

Hopefully we can set up a call or a 1:1 zoom session within the next couple of weeks to chat. I have tons of news over here and I'm sure you do too. Let's stay caught up for sure and see each other sooner rather than later!

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Lucio Buffalmano

Thanks, Jack!

The course might not be the biggest bang for the buck for you, and I mean that in the most positive way: it's more geared to go from basics to good levels, and you're a natural high-power leader with boatloads of charisma, plus lots of personal experience -with women, of course, but also in general with social dynamics-.

For sure we'll stay in touch, and maybe clinking some glasses as well in the not-so-distant future :).

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Matthew Whitewood
Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Looking forward to learn with you and from you, Jack!

PS: I donā€™t know you as much as Lucio does. However I can share with you my experience: this course is one of a kind.


I think you're probably right John, because LUCIO is one of a kind! Love that guy!

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