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Is character really destiny?

I was listening the interview of Robert Greene about his book ,The Law Of Human Nature, after I finished reading it.

So, I’m really curious if there’s some psychological damage happened to individuals like breakup (want to abandon that bf/gf identity), the loss of someone significant from their life, or when falling in love (changing one’s self for good).

I wonder if character really destiny because in his book he stated that deepest layers of character can be stemmed from genetic level.



Yeah, Greene's approach is more like that character is given, and you can't change it.

I don't fully agree, and that's from personal experience.
I have had some huge changes in my life both from mindset and character. Just to mention a few, I went from value-taking mindset to value-adding, from nationalist/small group belonging to healthy individualism and world citizen mindset/human race belonging. These are big mindset shifts that do deeply change character as well, and in turn change destiny, too.

So, albeit it's true that a character sets you on a certain course, I don't fully agree that a character is a given.


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

That’s a very clear answer.

Really appreciate that you personally answer me.It’s really rare to find someone to discussed about this subject in my social circle.