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Is "Dating Power Dynamics" included in PU or the subscription?

As you know, I’m a “graduate” of Power University.
And I just bought a 1 year subscription to your website.
Do I already have access to the Dating Power Dynamics ebook?
In other words, was the Dating Power Dynamics ebook one of the free books included in Power University?  Or is a separate book not available any other way?
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The last one, it's a separate ebook.

The products of this website so far are 4:

  1. Power University (including bonus ebooks & Ultimate Power)
  2. Subscription for full access to the articles (and pass-protected articles)
  3. Dating Power Dynamics
  4. Ultimate Power

And yes, they are separate products.

Keep in mind that Dating Power Dynamics is an expanded ebook of what's already in PU.
I seek to put all the core information in PU, so you already got what I consider "core" information and strategies. But there is more in DPD, and some of it might be interesting, but I can't assure you of that (if not, feel free to call your price/value for it and I'll send you the difference).

That being said, even if you'd wanna go for it, consider waiting for around September/October when it will go through a major update (but if you are interested and don't wanna wait, you will get the update anyway for free, including all successive updates).


Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?

Great stuff.  Personally, I see no reason to wait on purchasing Dating Power Dynamics, as evidently I will be eligible for the updates.

Please consider giving those of us who purchase 2 or 3 of your products the opportunity to upgrade to the lifetime subscription that was offered for a short while.  Thanks.

Can you please post (or direct me to) the link for purchasing dating power dynamics.  For some reason I'm having trouble finding it.

Hello Ed, here it is:

Edit: I don't recommend the audiobook version as of now, since the ebook version has gone through a few more updates and the audiobook version hasn't (yet).



Have you read the forum guidelines for effective communication already?